Hi there! My name is Katie. This is a blog about exploring new things and places, learning new skills and honing old ones, building joy large and small, and dealing with life. I am a 29-year-old Pilates instructor with a degree in Fashion Design, currently studying Psychology with an emphasis on human factors.

I’ve done data work, admin work, teaching assistant work, dipped my toe in social work, and survived the realm of retail. I’ve served on a board, grown a social group from less than 30 members to over 300, and am currently ambivalent about organized religion.

I deal with situational depression, yo-yo-ing stress, college as a returning student, and figuring out adulting, mostly related to creating a life that fits my values.

Me at one of my favorite places, Legoland California, for their 20th birthday!

Why a blog? There are many fun things I have tried as a spur of the moment “why not?” And many more I have tried just because someone I knew wanted to try it, but they didn’t want to do it alone. Some of my favorite memories are from those support-a-friend adventures, and that’s what I hope to give back in this blog.

Please note that this is a blog following my adventures trying new things; it is not an “expert” blog. There are bound to be some adventures that go well, and some that get… interesting. Still, when possible I will include links to resources I have found helpful, and you can click around to find what works for you. We all have different knowledge, skills, abilities, and processes; if you find other ways to do whatever I am attempting that work better for you, please share them!